Empire Dance Camp is a dance camp that can only be attended by dancers from 8 to 17 years of age. The exceptional location in Ajdovščina allows participants to stay in a tidy, clean and safe residential complex Veno Pilon, which is directly connected to a large sports hall and summer pool.

The dance camp runs for six days from Saturday, August 21, to Thursday, August 27. As part of the EDC, participants can attend 25 dance workshops with renowned domestic and international teachers.

The festival atmosphere is complemented by evening events such as movie night, parties, concerts and dance battles.



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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Empire Dance Camp to help you choose your package and make your trip and packing easier.

Frequently asked questions

What's the age limit for the camp?

You can attend the camp if you are more than 8 years old but under 18 years old.

Which dance styles will I learn at EDC?

Empire Dance Camp hosts teachers which teach different dance styles such as Hip Hop, Urban, House, Reggeaton, Jazz and Contemporary.

Do I need to be an experienced dancer or is the camp suitable for begginers?

We recommend EDC to dancers who have been learning dance styles for at least 1 year All classes are suitable for youngesters. If you wish to push yourself further you can try our "Master class experience" where workshops are more intense.

Does the camp offer accommodation and meals?

All packages (except House Arrest) include all inclusive accommodation with 3 meals per day. All rooms have 3 beds and air condition. When filling out the registration for you can let us know with who you want to share the room with and which type of meals do you preffer (classic, vegeterian, gluten or lactose free).

Can I share my room with friends?

Of course! All rooms have 3 beds. When you fill out the registration form you can let us know which friends you want in your room.

What if I don't want to attend a particular class?

No problem! You can chill in your room or enjoy the beautiful outdoors or visit the pool. Our guardians will always look after you so that you will have fun even if you are not attending a particular class.

What is Master class experience?

Master class experience is a new addition to the camp. It is intended for everyone who wish to take their dance to another level. Every day there will be 2 master classes with differenet international dance teachers. In total this means 12 additional classes to our 13 regular classes.

Do I need my own towel and bed sheets?

All you need is a towel for the pool. Everything else is provided by the accommodation center.



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